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A unity ceremony using glass is a beautifully artistic, lasting way to personalize your special day.


We offer a wide variety of unity pieces for you to choose from. We can make ornaments, drinking glasses, oil pourers, hearts, paperweights, vases, sculptures, trinket dishes, bowls, plates, etc. Have a look at our gallery pictures for inspiration. To get an idea of how much each piece would generally cost, have a look at our pricing for class pieces. Prices generally range from $50-$250 per piece. The lower range is with 4 colors and a small piece, prices go up with more colors and bigger pieces.


Our base prices are $50 for the first 4 colors and $7 for each additional color. You'd pick them out from the website we listed below. Let us know what colors you choose and we'll let you know if they'll go together harmoniously in the finished piece. You can pick out what piece or pieces you'd want to make or have made for you, and the money you paid for the frit will go towards your finished piece.


You get to pick out the colors you want. Head to (glass products>blowing colors>Reichenbach) to look at the different colors and help make your decision.


You can either -

A) Use your glass frit in your ceremony and then keep the frit.

B) Use your glass frit in your ceremony, then ship the frit to us so we can make your unity piece and then ship your piece and the leftover frit back to you.

C) Use your glass frit in your ceremony, then bring the frit into our studio and you can take a class and help make your piece.

Email us at for more info and to set up an appointment

Hand blown sculpture
Multi colored hand blown vases
Hand blown heart
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